Our first month with two kids

Lets start from the beginning: how did we come home and introduce Tristan with Derek. We got a note that it would be wise if Tristan would see his new baby brother not in a contact with neither of us. As Tristan fell asleep in the car when Sandor came to pick me and Derek up from the hospital we managed to drive home and welcome each other here. We put Derek in his baby crib and then Tristan came in. First he just gazed at Derek not understanding who or what is that. Then he wanted to go in Derek’s bed and he played Derek carousel lullaby. Everything went smoothly. But when we went downstairs and Tristan saw Derek in my arms, he just needed to climb to switch the place with Derek. I gave the baby to Sandor ofcourse and just that second when Tristan realised that the baby is in daddy’s arms, he needed to get there. And so we switched our children for about 10 times, I guess. Afterwards there have been some emotional breakdowns by Tristan’s side but some say that it might also be a stage at his age (learning the boundaries between what is allowed and what is not etc) and not related to his newborn brother. Don’t know, but what I do know is that we don’t want there to be any rivalry between the boys and that they would be good friends one day. 🥰🤞

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