“The Terrorist’s Wife” by Anna Sundberg and Jesper Huor

One of my favourite discoveries is an autobiography of a Swedish writer Anna Sundberg, titled “The Terrorist’s Wife”. It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

It is a journey throughout 16 years since the first time Anna fell in love and got married with a muslim and how she started to realise what she had bound up with. For some period she lived in Germany, then in a Georgian village, near Chechen border, and afterwards in Syria as well. She got married twice, gave birth to four children, saw how her sons were taught to handle a gun, shared her husband with another woman etc.

Basically she ended up in a Syrian prison which made her communicate with Swedish embassy and after quite a struggle she was brought back to Sweden.

It was that kind of a book which gives you a lot to think about for a long time – an eye-opener that not everything is as black and white as it seems. You do not want to put the book down on a cupboard because you just have to go to  work tomorrow. Really interesting and gripping story – Cloudy’s approval! 🔖

Here you can find more detailed review of the book.

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