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This year me and Sandor went to celebrate our relationship anniversary in a restaurant Ö. When I booked the table, I had a hint that it would be a bit fancier place than an average – my instinct was correct. For example, there’s no á la carte menu to choose your own three course dinner, instead they offer table d’hôte menu as they let you choose between two fixed meals: a seven course or eleven course dinner. As we were celebrating, we decided on behalf of eleven courses.

We were one of the first ones to arrive, but when leaving there wasn’t a single empty table left

The restaurant itself says it’s in a close relation to Estonian biggest island, Saaremaa. There they love the letter “ö” so much that they use it more often than the rest of the country does (by changing “õ” into “ö” as well). The menu has been created in a strong relation to modern Nordic cuisine and Estonian inspirational nature. Okay, lets hit the road!

First we were welcomed by handmade vege-chips with a dip while we were having a look at the menu.

The first course was one of my favorites. It contained my all night number one bite: black pudding with a hay-smoked sour cream on top of it (the smallest on the picture). It’s really increadible how intense smoked taste the sour cream had! I was obsessed!

The second course was a roach dish and was probably the last on my top list. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good, but maybe just got lost between other plates.

The third course was a huge WOW to me as is was based on a celery, which is something I would rather avoid. When they brought the plate, the celery smell hit me straight away and I thought I wouldn’t eat much of it. But I did, I ate every bite of it! I still can’t believe I can say that celery may be delicious! Crispy version of it was the best. The white topping is a celery foam.

The fourth course was again maybe a bit more neutral to my taste. It contained elk meat and crispy bread chips of beetroot. All put on a plate in such a beautiful composition, but when starting to eat, the waitress advised to chop everything into a mess and get all components mixed in every bite.

The fifth course was the most fulfilling of them all. Three types of bread and five spread toppings. Sooo good that I had to force to leave that one extra bite of bread on the plate as I didn’t want to get too full already.

The sixth course, perch pike inside of a lace of salted fat with wine infused potato cream and caviar. I was worried if the salted fat would leave the fish in the background, but it didn’t. It actually tasted smooth. Excellent masterpiece!

The seventh course was eel fish. I forgot what were these little white balls aside the fish, but even though I already felt getting my tummy full, these creamy spoonfuls made my mouth watering. Soo incredible combo! As I was getting full at that point, the fish tasted a bit greasy for me.

The eighth course: quail and different versions of carrot. The marinated and dried carrot was even a greater surprise than the quail meat itself. That plate was served by restaurant’s main chef. He put the quail from a smoking hay basis on our plates and added the sauce, aside to explaining what are the components, where are they from and how they are cooked.

The last three courses will have a quick overview as they were all brought together: two of the desserts on the plates and three different tastes of candys were hidden in the wooden base under the juniper decoration. Have a look at the video:

It took us nearly three hours to have that dinner. Excellent way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. What I really liked was that the restaurant turns a lot of attention to the ingredients: all from Estonian farmers and nature. The night was a great pleasure for both of us!

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