New York, New York

Our trip to New York took place a few years ago. This destination was rather my partners wish than mine, but turned out to be one of the greatest adventures!


Among clearly the most known tourist attractions such as Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty, there is widely more places and areas to discover. As we stayed there for a limited time (4-5 days), we had to decide what to see and what to leave for the next time (hope there will be the NEXT time! 🤞). Ofcourse, we just had to see already mentioned NYC symbols, but we had enough time to explore a bit more as well. Here are some ideas.


Definitely the coolest neighbourhood near Manhattan, kind of a hipsters area. There you will find streets full of bars and restaurants in a row and variety of wall-arts. The place has its own rythme and positive aura.


Both locate in a Lower Manhattan. Nowadays Little Italy has left with only a few Italian restaurants on the streets, while in history it was more known as an Italian community place. It was considered rather a poor area and it is said that Italian mafia also operated there once.

Chinatowns are widely found in many cities all over the World. Manhattan’s is said to be with the largest ethnic Chinese population outside Asia.


Once operated as a railway, High Line is now reconstructed as a walkway and kind of a park. Many locals go there for their lunch-break, tourists go for a walk.


There are numerous museums in Manhattan. To visit one, is a MUST! We went to National History Museum located aside of Central Park.


The belief of Brooklyn being a getto hood is out of date. Williamsburg, which I mentioned earlier, is located there for an example. We also went for a walk in Prospect Park. It happened to be a weekend day and the park was full of families enjoying their time together. Some were having a picnic, others were playing outdoor games and walking around.

From there we decided to take a walk to our AirBNB apartment on Broadway street and the road led us through Jews district. That was pretty cool as well. All institutions were in their alphabet.


When we arrived in NYC, we took a taxi from the airport to our accommodation. Afterwards we used subways every day and finally went back to airport also by subway train. You may do people watching (I don’t know if there is any other place with more various ethnical groups represented) and there will surely be something going on wheather someone is singing, asking for a donation, groups of people talking so loud that you cannot hear even your own thoughts etc.

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