Au revoir, Paris! Short overview

Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the World… I went there with my sister! 😊It’s just that my partner had already visited it once and for some reason was not so enthusiastic to go there again. But my sister was ready to go and so we made our 4-day super-budget trip there in September a few years ago. I loved it and would go back again if the opportunity would arise!

What I found very interesting is that many parisians do not consider Eiffel Tower as a symbol of city’s beauty. The construction was built 1887-1889 for World’s Fair and was criticized for it’s design. We actually met a lovely eldery man (first we met him infront of the AirBNB appartment we rented when he was looking a person who had closed the way to his parking car, and the day after we ran into him in Champ the Mars, a park next to Eiffel) who marked a huge list of museums and exhibitions to see instead of going to the tower. He himself had a tradition to visit one each week. But as we were visiting Paris for the first time we wanted to go to Eiffel. And so we did. The que for the tickets was long as you may presume and the views are worth it! 🗼

Next must-see-tourist-attraction would be Arc de Triomphe which honours those who died in French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The monument locates in the end of one of the most famous streets, Champs-Elysees – a street of glamurous brand shops and active night-life.

Arc de Triomphe in the middle of the traffic
A glimpse at Champs-Elysees

From there it would be wise to head for Louvre museum and after that Notre Dame (if possible then take a seperate day for these two).

We headed back to our apartment by foot on the other side of Seine. A clue: food and souvenirs are a bit cheaper there.

I advise to take a day for visiting Versailles palace. The museum is rather large and the garden in enormous. We went there by train which was pretty convenient. All worth the trip!

And if you want to take some time off then go to Luxembourg gardens – have a picnic, read a book, play outdoor games, enjoy the weather… you’ll find something to do there!

Watching the pictures makes me want to go back again!!! ❤️

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