Magnificent Georgia!

Georgia (Europe) has been a destination in my wishlist for nearly 10 years since I saw a tourism commercial in Estonian national TV channel for the first time. So many beautiful green mountains, historic places, building etc. Back then I just could not afford travelling and for the last past five years or so, somehow other destinations have been favoured instead (because of the budget, travel companion or vacation period). This year I guess the odds were on my favour and I am extremely grateful to that!

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Homemade caffé latte without an espresso machine (with a video tutorial)

When drinking coffee I always prefer it with milk. I do not have an espresso machine at home, therefore I usually end up with casual white coffee. But in fact I love coffee with foamed milk on top (cappuccino or latte). This made me do research on how to prepare homemade latte without an espresso machine. I found quite a few tips and the basics is:

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In the World of Blogging…

Hello, You Lovely PeopleMy name is Pilvi and since hereafter I will use my pseudonym name Cloudy. Explanation: I am Estonian and my name Pilvi consists of pilv meaning cloud in my mother tongue + i that I conveniently transferred into y.I am an accountant by my education and a Mom! I love to travel, cook, read books and try out new things. That means that I intend to post entries in many different topics. Please feel free to leave comments and questions under the posts!Hope you will find topics that interest you and you will have good time reading my blog! Wish you all the best and Namaste,Cloudy

PS. As I told, I am Estonian, therefore please forgive me if I make mistakes in my written English! Pardon!