Vertical gardening

When living in city area, most of us probably do not have acres of land in our backyards or a huge apartment balcony. So the space shall be used wisely! Here is my version of small vertical gardening using much less space than traditional gardening would.

I decided to set strawberry plants, but as the birds have destroyed most of the crop by now, then I am thinking of planting herbs next year. Or maybe flowers if I want to have more colours in our backyard. Well, here is at least one untouched strawberry I caught on photo:

Anyway, the “plant-ladder” is handmade. I got the idea from Pinterest but as I did not find anything like this (either any analogues) in stores, then I asked if anyone could make one of these. So I got it as a birthday gift from my Mom and her partner, yay! I’m grateful!

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