Homemade caffé latte without an espresso machine (with a video tutorial)

When drinking coffee I always prefer it with milk. I do not have an espresso machine at home, therefore I usually end up with casual white coffee. But in fact I love coffee with foamed milk on top (cappuccino or latte). This made me do research on how to prepare homemade latte without an espresso machine. I found quite a few tips and the basics is:

  • Boil water and prepare casual coffee in a press jug (about two teaspoons of coffee powder for one cup). Pour the coffee in cup(s) and wash the press jug.
    PS. Do not worry, the coffee does not cool down by that time you prepare foamed milk!
  • Heat up the milk up to 70 degrees on stove, no need to get it boiled, and pour it in press jug. Foam the milk by pressing and pulling the tip of press jug up and down.

Pour the milk on the top of the coffee and…
… ENJOY YOUR LATTÉ! Oh, what a wonderful World we live in! 

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