Tristan became ONE YEAR OLD

I start my post with an everlasting cliche: “They grow so fast. Time passes so quickly!” That one year has flown like a second (okay, more like a month) and our baby boy has become a toddler.

During the last month we have had quite many events: going to the zoo, Old Town, Kihnu, baby’s picnic date (the second date), Skywheel of Tallinn, celebrating Sandor’s and then my niece’s birthday, summer days… And the most important ones: Tristan took his first walk when he was 11 months and 2 days old, and he turned 1 year old!

Tristan has started to play on his own more often. Of course there are times when he needs more attention – that’s when he comes to me and wraps his little hands around my knees. But he has definitely developed his skills to find himself things to do. He likes to play with vacuum cleaner, sweeping brush, toy cars etc. One of his favourite activities is to climb on a couch and down again. He also likes watching cartoons (yes, we let him watch TV, maybe around 30 mins per day).

Tristan has learnt to wake up only once during the night. There are still nights when he wakes two times, but mostly we need to feed him only once. Previous month I thought that if there would be no progress during the passed month, then we shall make up a plan how to alienate Tristan from feeding at nights. Well, we don’t have a plan and I guess we’ll just move on the same way, hoping that he will soon be sleeping the whole night without waking up. As they say “They all will learn to sleep, one day”. Right!?

Continuing on sleeping topic. Just when I thought we seemed to have quite certain time schedule with our daily sleep pattern, it changed. Well, at least now I understand that whenever I tend to get used to something then I just as well might forget about it, because it will soon change.

Happy Birthday, my Child!

Here’s our last monthly overview in a video. The previous month I found out that most of the videos I had filmed indoors, so this time I tried to keep in mind filming outdoors as well.

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