Our third month with Tristan

It is true – some things get better in time! Our third month with Tristan has been the greatest so far. We are still struggling to teach him falling asleep in his bed and I know that there are tough times waiting us ahead, but right now I am totally enjoying everything.

Tristan is becoming more independent if can be said that way. He is playing in his Babybjörn bouncer chair while I can make myself a snack, take the dust etc. Every now and then I talk to him, show him a few toys and smile to each other during that time, but in a big picture it’s basically time that I can really do something. Rest of the time that he is awake goes for hugging, carrying him around the house, watching ourselves in the mirror, smiling, cooing, doing massage and exercise.

We are doing our best to put him sleep in his crib and mostly we succeed in it (with a huge amount of time because he does not know how to fall asleep on his own yet – btw, this is not a problem while falling asleep in a stroller outdoors) but only until he wakes up from his first night sleep. Then we take him in our bed; there are two reasons for that: 1) it’s much easier for me to feed him, 2) he sleeps more deeply when he can feel our warmth (I guess it makes him feel more safe). He actually is looking for us with his hands while asleep. But as we have promised, we will slowly start putting him back to sleep in his crib more intensive after he is at least three months old and even more after he is six months old. We have reached 3-month “deadline” now – hope to succeed step by step! Here is one picture that my partner took one night. Are we not similar?

In the end of this month Tristan reached his third growth spurt. This time it’s ability to perceive smooth transitions. Tristan learns to move less stiff, also use different levels of his voice. By the way, during that leap baby’s head circumference increases dramatically because the brain size suddenly increases. These days he was more fussy than usual. Evenings were full of his tiny complaining cry, even hugging did not help mostly. At that point it is essential to remind that it will pass. And that’s also why I think it is important to keep track on your baby’s growth spurts because then you know what is going on in his development and why is he crying out that much. Otherwise, I think that at least I could not stay calm for very long time thinking that “Why is he crying while I have done everything I can!?”

During this month we have been going to baby massage and swimming to help his physical and social development. Tristan made his first roll-overs with just a little help. And we, as a family, celebrated our first Father’s day. We went for a walk in the zoo, had our first meal in a cafe while Tristan was with us (luckily he was asleep the whole time) and the rest of the day we were at home, enjoying our time together. Our proud daddy:

We will receive exact measures next week, but we know that he weights 7-something kilogrammes. One heavy cutie pie! 🤗

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