Our tenth month with Tristan

Lost in the field of wild flowers

The most important progress during the month was getting on his feet without any surface to lean on, all by himself. He also has taken a few steps, but it’s quite not walking, yet (though as I understand then some consider getting up on feet as walking?). He knows it’s time to clap his hands when we ask it in Estonian “plaksu plaksu”, and 50/50 that he points at his nose when we ask him where his nose is. Such a smart baby! 👶

A few days after Tristan turned 9 months we went on our first trip with him. He was really brave travel buddy. He was unbelievebly social, interacting with people around us, old and young. Funny that at home it takes a lot more time for him to get used to people who visit us before he starts his long conversations 🤷‍♀️

His most common words are “mämm määmm emmmme mmemm”, meaning more or less “yumm yummy mummy mum”, but also “täh/äitäh (aitäh)” is in his speech, translated “thank you”. Plus “gagaa, guguu, dadaa” etc.

Okay, summer is busy time, so that a short post should suit you (and me)! Here’s our monthly video to end the entry:

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