Our seventh month with Tristan

During his seventh month, Tristan gained so many new skills:
*he is talking by using more vocals than before;
*he started coming on his fours, hands and feet, like in yoga cat-cow position and crawling;
*he made his way from belly-time to sitting position without any help from us.
Here’s a short video of some moments:

Tristan has very good appetite. Even a broccoli puree that did not taste so good the first time, was tasteful on third day when I gave it to him. His favourite is rice porridge.

I started planning Tristan’s bedroom. Think that in a few months we move his bed from our bedroom into his own and teach him sleeping there.

In a week or so, Tristan should get his very first passport. I made the document photo at home, hope it is correct and they will accept it. We are planning our first brief trip with Tristan in late May and he needs a document for identification.

4 days before his mini-BD we went to measure vitamin B12 in Tristan’s body. The reference value for babies his age stays between 191-1163, but Tristan’s was 101. It’s too low. So we started giving him extra B12 dose. It is said that sleeping may be affected while B12 is not appropriate. Today it is too early to make any conclusions, but we’ll see whether his sleep will improve. Anyway, fingers crossed!

I cannot believe Tristan has already been seven months here with us! Sometimes when he is asleep and I admire him, I allow happy tears fall down. Yes, our nights are still crazy, but these difficulties will pass – Tristan is our blessing to stay forever! 💕

Teeth count: still zero!

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