Our second month with two kids

Wow, I truely remember how I wrote the last blog post like it was yesterday… Okay, so what happened during the second month.

A week after his first month minibirthday Derek started holding his neck for a bit longer, but he is yet still quite shaky. Gaining weight is not a problem considering how often he demands breast milk. 💪 About 2-4 times a day Derek expresses his worry about infant gas pain. I just wonder how many others only shrug their shoulders and say that they know nothing about this problem – we, on the other hand, have seen it with Tristan and now with Derek as well. Anyway, at least Tristan can handle baby’s cry with ease – it doesn’t seem to bother him while playing on his own.

After a serious training we all deserve a little rest, don’t we 🤩

This month we had a huge help from babysitter again. I’m already wondering what will happen in autumn when she’ll return to university… luckily Sandor is having a bit longer vacation at the moment as well, so most of the times there’s always someone addition to me with the kids.

On our weekend trip to Haapsalu

Tristan has started to notice Derek more often. He points out whether the baby is sleeping, eating or on mommy’s chest in a baby carrier, he caresses Derek a few times a day and gives his baby brother a kiss with a joy. I truely hope they will be best friends some day.

I have to admit that I have been lazy this month using cloth nappies on Derek. Mostly due to Derek’s growth as he has outgrown from newborn baby’s nappies and next size seems to be too wide (at least Bare and Boho looks uncomfortable for me). BUT I must say I do prefer Muumi or Naty diapers as these are a bit more nature friendly than the others that I am aware of.

Derek definitely is a kangaroo baby at this phase: the most suitable place for him to be in is a baby carrier.

Derek in Tula FTG baby carrier and Tristan in Thule Urban Glide

We went on a monthly doctor’s appointment on 4th August: Derek’s measures are 📏61cm, ⚖️6.3kg ✌️

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  1. They both are so cute boys and you are good and brave mom. I am sure that it is not easy to take care of two little child. My respect for parents. Hope that there will be strong friendship between Tristan and Derek and their cousins. Lovely pohotos.

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