Our second month with Tristan

By the beginning of his second month Tristan had learnt to hold his neck for about half up to one minute. Here is one of the first pictures where he is doing it pretty neatly:

Oh, our first month ended with a running nose. We sucked secret out of his nose numerous times per day, also rubbed an ointment (don’t know how it is called in English, in Estonian it’s hanerasv, translated literally as goose grease) on his foot soles and let him breathe inhalator steam. He wore wool socks all the time and slept on our chest a looooot! I called to children’s doctor for several times when I noticed something new again etc. We are glad he is healthy again! 💕

We were still having gas problems and I decided to test whether my nutrition has any influence on this matter. Starting point was to clear my organism and for that I ate only grain porridge, buckwheat, crisp bread and I allowed 1-2 cups of coffee per day. This lasted for five days. Then on each following day I added extra food. Now I would rather say that mother’s nutrition does matter in this issue, at least it worked in our case. By now I eat basically everything again, as Tristan has gained weight and he is able to deal with gas problems mainly himself.

On Tristan’s second month we made our first overnight trip. We visited my Mom and the following weekend we will visit my partners parents. Tristan started making short noises (cooing). He also passed his first two growth spurts:

1) a leap forward his first neurodevelopment in the beginning of this month. During this leap he started staring things and being awake for longer time, also learnt to smile deliberately. Photo proof:2) and the second one is known as recognizing patterns. This includes discovering his arms: the movements are very stiff (obviously he cannot grasp objects yet), but he is doing it on purpose not by reflex as before. It also means discovering patterns litteraly: he may stare at the shadows on our bedroom wall for a very long time, also he is amazed by one of our multicolored fleeze blanket and gazes it with interest. He stares more our inner face (as before he stared more outer corners), our eyes, mouth, forehead. What a smart little guy he already is!

Mostly he is sleeping in our bed. The first sleep passes in his own bed, but after that he usually stays close to us (this way he sleeps longer when feeling safe close to us). We decided to start slowly introduce him his own bed from third month and more constantly from sixth month.

Our second month was definitely easier than the first month. Thank you, Tristan, for making our lives much more meaningful!

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