Our ninth month with Tristan

This month was finally the brakethrough in our nights. Now Tristan demands feeding only two times during the night (instead of 5-6 times as before). Due to our personal issue (not related to the previous sleep pattern) Tristan is not breastfed anymore and that might be the reason why he wakes less now than he did before. Btw, giving a bottle during at night is a bit more complicated than breastfeeding – that’s not a complaint, just an acknowledgement – all the trouble with mixing the powder with warm water, holding the bottle the whole time he eats etc. Breastfeeding is luxury! 🙂

Ninth month brought two teeth. Two previous nights before these teeth popped out were quite difficult. I can only imagine how painful and uncomfortable the feeling might be. Poor child. You’re so brave, my lovely kiddo!

We have a few daily basis routines that we try to teach/learn, such as:
* Smoothen the movements. I show how to gently move a toy-car back and forward, and then let him to take control over it. His movements are still rather harsh and he tends to give punches on everything and everybody. I guess that’s normal at his age, but hope to help him find smooth transitions.
* Climbing down from couch and bed. It is important to teach him “bottom first” principle. Day after day he still wants to dive over the edge, face ahead. When we guide him by giving the direction, he manages to crawl bacwards and land right on his feet. Hope that next month he learns the whole process.
* Potty training. We are not pushy in this matter yet, just giving him the opportunity of getting used to his potty. I have heard that one may get frightened when too forced.
* Baby led weaning. Tristan still eats his food mainly pureed, but we give some pieces of different food now and then.

Here is our monthly video overview:

Ps. I just have to share the series of pics where Tristan gets kissed, gives a kiss and is caught kissing with the same girl!!!

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