Our fourth to sixth month with two kids

I truely wanted to keep the tradition of monthly posts with Derek as I did with Tristan and I’m sad to face the fact that I haven’t been able to do that. Derek, I still do love you as much as I love Tristan!

Here’s a bunch of pictures of the last months:

Attending Uue Maailma Street Festival in the beginning of September
Comparison of Derek (on the left) and Tristan (on the right) at the age of three months
Getting some work done in the garden with Derek
Visiting daddy in his new office
Starting to like tummy time
Hurray! 4 months old
Brothers 💙💙
Next comparison: Tristan on the left, Derek on the right
Aunt Merli’s birthday (10 Oct)
Have walked lots of kilometers like this
…and this…
…and this!
On a morning walk in a bog
Yay! 5 months!
At the seaside
In the zoo
..and teletower on Father’s Day
On a birthday celebration
Making gingerbreads with Laureen
Went to see Christmas Market
And Derek is 6 months old already!

Started to roll over his side at the age of 3 months and crawling at 5.5 months. Measures at the age of 6 months: ⚖️ 8.14kg 📏 68cm

Teeth count: 0!

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  1. Lovely photos. It’s interesting to see comparative photos when the boys are at the same age. You have taken part in so much activities. I’m not tired of saying that you are mazing 😘

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