Our fourth month with Tristan

Sleep patterns is a word combination that describes our fourth month the most. Our huge purpose was to get Tristan sleep in his bed and for that I started putting him sleep in his bed during daytime as well. Eventually he managed to sleep 1,5-2 hours in his bed during daytime, but that lasted for only a half week or so. Our son’s sleep patterns have changed and mostly he does not sleep for more than an hour in a row at daytime. I believe it has its pros and cons. But basically I have reached a conclusion that whenever I have gotten used to something, then these things tend to change and I have to settle with new conditions. Time makes its corrections. Lets not forget to enjoy the present with all of its beauty!

Tristan’s new experiences during the month:
*in November we went to baby’s gathering born in August 2018
*we also went to the same baby’s group Christmas party one and a half week ago
*visiting Tallinn TV tower – highest place Tristan has been so far
*visiting Christmas market in Tallinn Old Town
*going to baby’s fitness (2-6 months old)
*staying with a babysitter for one night

By the way, Tristan has changed his mind about baby bottles. We have used the bottle earlier a few times, but during his fourth month it appeared that he is not willing to eat using a baby bottle anymore. That makes our situation with leaving the baby with a babysitter a lot trickier. I ordered a new bottle (still waiting its delivery) and keep my fingers crossed that Tristan would approve that one! It is important for me and my partner to have our time with just the two of us as well. My love for my family grows with every day that passes. I even did not know that one can feel such a pure and warm love… (meaning I haven’t felt love like this before). ❤️

Wish you lovely holidays! 🎅🎄

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