Our first month with two kids

Lets start from the beginning: how did we come home and introduce Tristan with Derek. We got a note that it would be wise if Tristan would see his new baby brother not in a contact with neither of us. As Tristan fell asleep in the car when Sandor came to pick me and Derek up from the hospital we managed to drive home and welcome each other here. We put Derek in his baby crib and then Tristan came in. First he just gazed at Derek not understanding who or what is that. Then he wanted to go in Derek’s bed and he played Derek carousel lullaby. Everything went smoothly. But when we went downstairs and Tristan saw Derek in my arms, he just needed to climb to switch the place with Derek. I gave the baby to Sandor ofcourse and just that second when Tristan realised that the baby is in daddy’s arms, he needed to get there. And so we switched our children for about 10 times, I guess. Afterwards there have been some emotional breakdowns by Tristan’s side but some say that it might also be a stage at his age (learning the boundaries between what is allowed and what is not etc) and not related to his newborn brother. Don’t know, but what I do know is that we don’t want there to be any rivalry between the boys and that they would be good friends one day. 🥰🤞

After Derek was born, we stayed in the hospital for three days. The first time I was away from Tristan during the nights. We stayed in for a day longer because Derek lost a bit too much weight while my body adjusted to producing milk. When checking out on the third day, the weight had already passed his birth weight – as good as can be! By two weeks he had gained one kilogramme, by three and a half weeks he weighed five kilogramme and by one month the doctor scaled him a bit over 5.1 kilogrammes. In the same schedule as his brother was at that stage.

Newborn Derek on top and Tristan below

The first two weeks at home passed quickly. Sandor didn’t go to work then and he took care of Tristan the whole time, while I could concentrate on Derek – that means changing diapers, breastfeeding, changing diapers again, breastfeeding, getting him to sleep etc. Due to that distribution there were days that Tristan actually did not accept me and demanded only daddy to put him asleep etc. The more I was able to get back in touch with him, the more he acknowlegded me again. I know I shouldn’t have let this happen straight away but lets be honest, newborn takes a lot of energy and it would have been stressful if I would have tried to be there for both of them all the time. Instead, I took care of Tristan when the timings matched (Derek was asleep and I had enough energy) and slowly tried to reconnect with Tristan again after the first weeks. Though I still haven’t been much alone with two kids – mostly there’s been Sandor, my sister and Tristan’s babysitter – at least I do excist again to Tristan. ❤️

Our little morning walk in Pääsküla bog

Derek’s first month has been really hot, at least in our circumstances 25-30 degrees is quite a lot. Mostly I’ve dressed Derek only in nappies/diapers, but occasionally also short sleeved or merino-silk long sleeved bodysuit. He demands milk reaaaally often and I prefer to give it rather too often than less with this heat outside.

For getting around on foot we have used basically two methods: 1) Derek in his stroller and Tristan sitting on a wheeled board; 2) Tristan in his stroller and Derek on my chest in a baby carrier or sling.

Now that Derek is suitable for Tula FTG, I prefer using that.

One exciting new discovery for me was trying out cloth nappies. Thanks to a recommendation I chose my first nappies from Bare and Boho collection – there are actually so many lovely cloth nappies on sale, eyecatching and with beautiful patterns. But the most signifficant is the feeling that you have made your step forward on behalf of producing less waste. Unfortunately I’m not quite there to say I’m using only cloth nappies yet, but at least I’m giving it a try. Look how cute they are!!!

Happy first miniBD, Derek! ⚖️ 5.1kg 📏 56cm

Familiar, anyone? 😃

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