Our first month with Tristan

We were happy to celebrate Tristan’s first month birthday a few days ago. Funny that this month passed as quickly as always but at the same time slowly as well.

Most of our time and energy went on learning Tristan’s moods and demands. I had read quite a lot before Tristan was born that mothers learn to understand what their baby is asking by his/her cry. Well, I have really tried but have not succeeded yet. There are basically four needs for him to complain about: whether he is hungry or sleepy, diapers should be changed or he needs a comfort by holding him close, preferably on our chest. Still there have been numerous times that I could tick all four but Tristan just kept crying. So that is the first lesson – there have been definitely more crying than I assumed, and not by Tristan’s side only as his helpless cry has made me cry for several times as well. That is probably called “growing together” 😊

So what are the alternative options to calm a crying baby? Yup, we started using a pacifier. The first time we gave it to him made me cry again. It was when he was only two weeks old. But I soon understood that there is no harm done as long as he crabs his “feeding machine” correctly. ☺️ Also, me and my partner both were given a pacifier basically since the moment we were born and we both turned out pretty okay!

The main reason for us to use pacifier was because Tristan was (and still is) having gas problems. This is the most common infant issue. I have tried to give him a stomach massage but mostly he declines it, there has been only two times that I have succeeded. I have also given him a medicine that helps baby’s digestion progress make smoother. And just a few days ago I started rubbing natural Babynos ointment on his stomach and letting him sleep more on my chest. At the moment it seems like this is helping a bit therefore I’m using mentioned medicine only 1-2 times a day. Or maybe it is just because I started to pay more attention to what I am eating as well (though midwives tell that it has been proven that it does not matter what mother eats as long it’s not something forbidden like alcohol). Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed that each day would make this problem go away!

And speaking abouth health, the night before Tristan turned one month old, we had to face the fact that he was having a running nose for the first time. Boy, how heartbreaking all these health related things are – nobody wants their baby to feel sick neither struggle in pain. But as one experienced teacher told: one day we will look back at this and laugh how seriously we reacted to these little problems.

Darn it, my whole post seems to be full of problems and concerns. I assure there are so many happy moments as well! The moments you feel as happy as you have never felt before, the moments you just admire him and cannot belive he actually belongs in your life forever. Exactly on his birthday he started gazing straight into our eyes and these are the moments that tears of joy start slowly running down your cheek. The look is just so pure and innocent and your heart melts. Incredibly beautiful!

We have been blessed by so many wonderful people who have come to visit and see our newest family member. Many thanks to every single one of you! And I personally admire my partner. Thank you for supporting when I am feeling blues and for your effort to make our days sunnier and happier! πŸ’•

Measures: weight 5,160kg and height 58cm.

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