Our fifth month with Tristan

Tristan’s fifth month begun with Christmas holidays. We had lovely time with our families. Tristan met Santa 🎅 and got too many presents 🎁

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Tristan grows fast – his babyhood passes though I would like it to last longer. Well, with progress in his sleeping through the night – that’s the gentle topic at the moment. Tristan wakes 5-7 times during the night and only feeding seems to calm him down. Most of the mornings my body is so sour for a couple of hours after getting up. Even when my partner tries to give me a massage, all of my body parts ache. Luckyly one day it will be just a foggy memory…

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Tristan is still drooling but no teeth has appeared yet. I think that’s something that is better for me when it happens later than earlier (don’t know how painful it would be when he bites during feeding). He has not started crawling yet, but is preparing by lifting his bottom soooo high while having his tummy time.

We started introducing flavours to Tristan. So far he has tried three tastes: cauliflower puree, pumpkin puree and whole grain porridge. His reactions can be seen in the video below among with his baby talk and awesome rocking skills:

Four days before 5th month mini B-day, Tristan weight was 8120g and height 69cm. Love you, my little toothless Smasher! 👶

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