Our eleventh month with Tristan

In a bit, I’m confused: it feels like Tristan has been with us for so long that I cannot even remember the times before he was born, but on the other hand the time has just flown and our little baby is already becoming a child. Like… when did that happen?

Tristan is still practicing making his steps without leaning on any surface. Not quite walking but getting there. We are not pushing either, for example, not teaching to walk while holding our hand. Why? Because the physiologist said that it is best when moving on his fours (hands and feet at the same time) would last as long as it can. Though I believe he will be walking by his first birthday – we’ll see, a month ago I also thought he would be walking by now! With a help of other objects he is really fast. Most of all, he loves pushing his little chair around the room.

Our nights are also still the same: Tristan mostly wants to be fed two times. We have decided to react according to his needs until his first birthday. When the conditions are still the same at that point, then we’ll make up some sort of a plan.

By now it seems we have finally found some kind of a daily sleep routine. Previously the pattern changed often, but now the days pass in the same rhythm. We wake up mostly between 7-8 am, then Tristan makes his daily naps first around 11 am (sleeps 30min up to 2 hours) and afterwards around 4 pm (30 min – 1 hour). He goes to sleep mostly somewhere between 8-9 pm (rarely at 10 pm).

Teeth count: 2. And here is our monthly video:

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