Our eighth month with Tristan

These days it feels like Tristan is developing every day. It is said that during this age babies personality will start developing, starting from finding his favourite toys and ending with getting more independant to explore the world. At this age they also may start feeling separation anxiety. To ease that phase we try to often invite friends over and go visit them as well.

We slowly teach Tristan to eat solid foods not only pureed but as whole pieces as well – so called baby led weaning. So far we have tried cauliflower, carrot, cucumber, avocado, apple, banana, baby cookies, raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.

Now that Tristan holds his posture, he can see outside surroundings a lot more widely. One weekend we went for walking in a bog and the other in a botanic garden, plus those everyday strollings while Tristan’s sleep-time.

Two weeks before 8th mini-BD, Tristan got ear infection – quite common deasease for children when caught a runny nose. It was the first time we had to give him antibiotics. Luckily it was cured within a week.

And just a few days ago we let physiologist to take a look how is Tristan holding his body etc. She said that there are no muscle tensions, he holds his body correctly, knows how to support his torso the right way and has reached the skills of 9-10 months old. He is adorable!

Here is our monthly video:

Ps. Still no teeth!

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