How Tristan arrived in this World…

The day that our precious little Leo boy was born.

First I would mention that our due date was settled for 19th August, but I was expected to carry the child for a little longer as the midwife told. But well well well, on 18th August when me and my partner were about to set outselves to bedtime at 11pm, I started noticing regular contractions. I had downloaded an app for measuring contractions and started to mark the timings. As I was first-time pregnant, I was not sure weather this was the right feeling or not (plus I had felt the contractions/tonicities since about 6th month or so). I started packing the last things for going to the hospital just in case. After the midnight I said to my partner that lets go check our condition just in case.

On our way to the hospital the contractions started to lengthen instead and that made me think that it is not the right time yet. So just infront of the hospital I asked my partner to drive further: “Let’s take a cocoa instead”. We had just taken off to the other side of the city when I changed my mind: “No, no, no – let’s go to the hospital!”

We arrived a little before 1am and were transferred straight to delivery room. They predicted that it will take us about 8 more hours untill our baby boy would be in our arms. As I started having pressures about 5-6am I sent my partner outside of the delivery room (it was an open topic where is he going to be while the action starts). It appeared that our baby was having tough time – his heartbeat slowed down during pressures remarkably. That made the hospital crew to prepare for urgent caesarean delivery. In the end we had a natural birth – baby’s arm was around his neck which was the reason why baby’s heartbeat slowed down.

Tristan Robert Simson was born on 19th August 2018 (happened to be one of those 2% who gave birth right on due date) at 6.50am. Weight 3506g, length 51cm. It is indescribable feeling when they put your child, that you have been waiting for such a long time, on your chest. That is the moment when your World has been changed forever!

Tristan in the hospital, less than 4 hours old ❤️

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