How Derek arrived to this World…

The due date of our second child was set on 25th May. As Tristan was born excactly on 40+0 weeks of pregnancy then I expected the second to arrive a bit earlier up until the settled date, did not crossed my mind that the baby could be overdue. But the baby had his masterplan to keep me waiting a bit longer and I got my gift on 30th May, a day after my birthday.

Now how did it happen then… I felt the first contraction excactly at 1pm. Then there were longer and shorter pauses afterwards, but when it reached to 3-9 minute timings I told Sandor that lets go check. When we arrived to the hospital at 3:30pm my body just decided to take a break and while being supervised under cardiotocography I had only one contraction. Therefore I was sent home to relax and come back when the contractions are after every 5 minutes.

When we reached back home, I started measuring the contraction timings again. All the same: 7min – 5min – 9min etc. Meanwhile my sister and her partner arrived to babysit Tristan while Sandor and I could go to the hospital again. It was a real-life lecture for those who are expecting a baby as well 🤩!

At first I felt like walking and swinging my hips helped to smoothe the contractions, later it felt better laid down on bed on my left side. At some point I told Sandor that it’s time to go. On our way (max 15 minutes drive) I felt that I have reached the final, pushing, phase. Reached to the hospital, there was no time for any extra questions nor filling the papers, they only took a Covid test (don’t know how they managed to do this, but they did) and fixed that the cervical dilation was complete – I think I had already had three pushes by then when I was suddenly on a hospital wheeled bed and the staff along with Sandor hurried through the hallways towards to the delivery room. There I had only one long push and the baby was born. Sandor was proudly there to cut umbilical cord.

📅 30.05.2020 ⏰ 8:01pm ⚖️ 3362g 📏 50cm

Aprx 20 minutes old newborn

Welcome to the World, Derek Mihkel Simson! ❤️

Ps. I am still amazed that I was feeling all good the second after Derek was born. A huge thanks to the hospital crew!

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