Carrying a baby

As a first-time Mom, I have just started discovering products for babies and toddlers. This post is about baby carriers.

Since ancient times when humanbeings were not stationary because of their constant foodhunting, babies were always carried close to mother – this provided them warmth, food and security. It is said that carrying a child is good for his biological, developmental, psychological, sociological and long term health level. Some name baby carrying phase  even as a fourth trimester.

Before Tristan was born I had not had much experience with babies. Yes, my sister has a daughter but when she was that little, I did not have to babysit her. And so I thought that during first months babies only eat, pee and poop and sleep safely in their crib indoors or in stroller outdoors. Oh, what a beginner! 🙂 Our little boy wants to feel closeness all the time. This way I was unable to do things I needed to do, even as simple as making a sandwich. That made me do a little research about baby carriers and after a quick survey I bought Tula Free to Grow baby carrier. A few weeks later my neighbour gave me a huge bag of her baby things left from her youngest son (I think her son is three now) and from there I found Amazonas Mei Tai baby carrier. So our fourth trimester has begun with two baby carriers.

I cannot say I’m using baby carrier every day, but it definitely is a helpful tool when my son declines being anywhere else but in my arms, while I need to do something. For example I have used it to vacuum the floors, to prepare a dinner, but also to take a walk outdoors and go to grocery.

Wearing Amazonas Mei Tai. PS. Baby needs to wear pants and socks seperately when in carrier because of the pressure that may occur on his toes! (This photo was taken when I just tried the carrier out)
Wearing Tula Free-to-grow carrier. Here we were heading for a walk.

In conclusion: if any interest then I advise to try out a baby carrier. If not sure whether you like it or not, then there is an opportunity to first rent one and then after trying decide if you want to buy it or not. Also, there are many carriers that are not ergonomically good for babies. Before buying a carrier you MUST do that background check.

Happy moments with your loved ones! 😍

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