Allow to treat yourself

We all have different perspective in life. Some value things, some emotions, most figure out how to divide it between one and another.

It is often said that material things are overvalued and when it is time for us to leave this life, these things cannot be taken with you. I think that on the other hand this is something that gives emotions to those who value material purchases, so it is not just a “thing”. They get a positive and happy feeling enjoying new goods as well!

As an opposite, I am not that kind of person who buys things to myself every month. I just do not feel the urge. Instead of new clothes, I prefer to go out for a car-trip or dinner etc. Lately I allowed myself a regular treatment: as a Mom of nearly one month old me and my partner decided to save my time on household duties and ordered a service for more detailed cleaning on every second week. Considering that with my latest baby stuff purchase – a baby carrier Tula free-to-grow – it is easier for me to vacuum and do everyday cleaning, then over-week tidying seems pretty suitable at the moment. We take that cost as an investment for our well-being and I definitely do know how to appreciate it!

Also do not forget to enjoy the little things such as a morning coffee or tea, a smile you receive, a kiss from your loved one. These everyday treatments that are often taken for granted. 💕

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