Photoshoot with Tristan

We went to Black & White photo studio with a bunch of Moms a few weeks ago. They rent a playroom and as an extra service they offer taking photos as well. There are two quite spacious open playrooms and for photoshoot there’s a separate room with various items, such as toys, different baby carriages, baby shoes etc, that can be used. As we went there with a group, everything went quite in a hurry – I think Tristan and me were infront of the camera maximum for 6 minutes. Many said that they are kind of disappointed, but I think I’m rather pleased with the result. Here are some shots of me and Tristan:

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Au revoir, Paris! Short overview

Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the World… I went there with my sister! 😊It’s just that my partner had already visited it once and for some reason was not so enthusiastic to go there again. But my sister was ready to go and so we made our 4-day super-budget trip there in September a few years ago. I loved it and would go back again if the opportunity would arise!

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Happy Mothers and Social Kids

At the moment I am all about getting ready to give birth and raise a child. Yet, I believe that the foundation of happy and functioning family life is that neither parent should not forget their needs and wishes as well. Ofcourse first months are more critical, but time makes its corrections and every family creates its own rhythm and method.

In her book “The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers” Meg Meeker, M.D. has made a list of what we should not forget while raising a child in purpose of happily balanced life. The short summary would be: Continue reading “Happy Mothers and Social Kids”

“The Terrorist’s Wife” by Anna Sundberg and Jesper Huor

One of my favourite discoveries is an autobiography of a Swedish writer Anna Sundberg, titled “The Terrorist’s Wife”. It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

It is a journey throughout 16 years since the first time Anna fell in love and got married with a muslim and how she started to realise what she had bound up with. For some period she lived in Germany, then in a Georgian village, near Chechen border, and afterwards in Syria as well. She got married twice, gave birth to four children, saw how her sons were taught to handle a gun, shared her husband with another woman etc.

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Magnificent Georgia!

Georgia (Europe) has been a destination in my wishlist for nearly 10 years since I saw a tourism commercial in Estonian national TV channel for the first time. So many beautiful green mountains, historic places, building etc. Back then I just could not afford travelling and for the last past five years or so, somehow other destinations have been favoured instead (because of the budget, travel companion or vacation period). This year I guess the odds were on my favour and I am extremely grateful to that!

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