How to steam vegetables without a food steamer

We know that vegetables lose vitamins when boiled. I wanted to make a sweet potato puree without boiling the food, BUT we do not have a food steamer in our household. Using a tip from other Moms and a lovely friend of mine, I managed to steam the food by using existing tools as can be seen here:

Just add a little water in a bottom of a cooking pot and steam veges in stainless strainer above the hot water in a low heat. Do not forget to use a pot cover!

Homemade frappé coffee video tutorial

It has been incredibly hot summer this year in Estonia. Why not boost yourself with a nice frappé coffee (iced coffee, cold coffee)!? Below you can find my video tutorial of making one. There are no specific measures of the ingredients, just add these amounts according to your taste.


Homemade caffé latte without an espresso machine (with a video tutorial)

When drinking coffee I always prefer it with milk. I do not have an espresso machine at home, therefore I usually end up with casual white coffee. But in fact I love coffee with foamed milk on top (cappuccino or latte). This made me do research on how to prepare homemade latte without an espresso machine. I found quite a few tips and the basics is:

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