Maternity photoshoot II

I would like to share our pregnancy photos that Relle took of us exactly a month ago. Relle attended photography lessons last year and as she is obviously really talented in it, she started taking photos of her family, friends and acquaintances. I believe she is ready to start a professional photographer career. Take a look and make your own judgement!

PS. Have to add that Tristan was really not in a mood to co-operate. This made Relle’s job extra difficult – but she managed well!

Where’s your little brother?
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Wintery Vienna (Austria)

St Stephans Cathedral in the Stephansplatz

Although it was not the high season for visiting Vienna in February, we decided on behalf of it for several reasons:
⁃ Our vacation duration was limited, only four days. In this case the only chance would be non-stop flight from Tallinn and there are not that many destinations with that criteria
⁃ As we were flying with our 1,5 year old son, we preferred to have rather short flight than long one. From Tallinn to Vienna it took only 2 hours – the same as from Tallinn to our parent’s place by car.
Obviously we were not going for a beach vacation, the temperature was pretty much the same as in Tallinn, around 2-5 degrees Celsius. The main purpose was to see much appreciated Old Town, it’s architecture, a few sightseeings and visit a museum.

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Restaurant Ö

This year me and Sandor went to celebrate our relationship anniversary in a restaurant Ö. When I booked the table, I had a hint that it would be a bit fancier place than an average – my instinct was correct. For example, there’s no á la carte menu to choose your own three course dinner, instead they offer table d’hôte menu as they let you choose between two fixed meals: a seven course or eleven course dinner. As we were celebrating, we decided on behalf of eleven courses.

We were one of the first ones to arrive, but when leaving there wasn’t a single empty table left
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